Developing Spectrum Opportunities

Creating new business opportunities for development of satellite and terrestrial spectrum.

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The most anticipated and innovative HDTV service

BluSky HDTV is powered by world-wide leaders in content, technology, and service delivery to provide a world class TV experience to Canadians.

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A New Video Distribution Platform

Cost-effective national delivery of Video Content to multiple markets – alleviating middle-mile congestion.

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What’s Up With 4K?

Video delivery ranging from YouTube clips to TV channels and VOD is choking the pipes of today’s content distributors. Higher quality video, large format display devices, and having to deliver multiple formats (HD / SD, 16×9 / 4×3, laptop / tablet / smartphone), all contribute to stress the limits of ISPs, wireless, telecom, and BDU networks to their breaking point.

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Making The Leap To 4K

Last week I described how the threat of Ultra-HD represents the greatest challenge to the survival of the Canadian broadcasting system over next three to five years. The new tech presents great promise to deliver cinema-like picture quality to homes – but like the HD migration of the last decade, many challenges remain.

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